Last Blog Of the Year 2008

Hey 2008, you’ve been a great company thus far…. but just as I betrayed 2007 and fell in your lap… I must betray you for my mistress that I have secretly been thinking of: 2009. I know I am a dog, I know, I know.

Anyway… I’ll remember you. You’ve been an year of self-realization. Whew! You almost turned me into an out and out emo! I rode through sea waves, touched (well, almost!) the corals… stayed on islands… traveled through all kinds of terrains… so, basically you were an year of travel; both geographically and psychologically. And yet, I can’t say… Boy! Have I come a long way or not! ‘Cause, I have not! I am still there. Maybe an inch or two deeper in the mud with cow-dung flung over my face and no mirror to laugh at myself.

I thank you for being an year of experiences. I maintain that an experience- no matter bad or good- is an experience. I don’t thank you for throwing the realization over and over again to my face that I am not God, I cannot be God and I don’t like the guy who’s on the job at the moment ’cause frankly, he’s pathetic at it. Terrible! And no, Santa didn’t come this year either! Blah!

Hoping 2009 would be a little more terror-free, peaceful and would at least fetch me a loving girlfriend and some trustworthy friends.

Addition: ….And a bike!

Additional addition: … A Sports bike! A stylish one!

Additional additional addition: …. A Yamaha FZ to be specific.



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