Humans to humans

We all were born, and in a well-planned manner, we were each given our very own, personal, distinct lives. Then, came the crossroads, and our paths crossed. Very selectively, we stumble upon and like people that we should like. Internet, public gatherings, social interactions direct us in a well orchestrated manner to meet the people and interact with them. Isn’t it some plan? Isn’t it fascinating?

No, it isn’t. There is nothing that is “meant to be” in my view and I am not trying to be impressive here. I think we don’t just stumble upon people, we guide ourselves, direct ourselves to sieve through the crowd we meet and reach the people we “want” to reach. Within us, there is a planner. We plan to meet people of a certain type, those who don’t fit in, fade away in the background and those who do, stay and stick around.

I don’t think…. Love or friendship therefore, might happen by chance. It’s pure choice. It’s your choice.

And it’s funnier after the first few days when the choices are made. After a bond is established, the intriguing factors in the relation such as “who will dominate whom”, “what sort of humour will ensue in between”, “whose angst would give way to whose preferences” and so on.

It’s not for nothing that I find anthropology interesting.

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