First Date

It’s said often,
and isn’t so wrong.
First impressions,
do last long.
Should I buy balloons,
or sing her a song?
Shave that beard,
or grow it long?
Puzzled, baffled,
Been thinking all along.

Pretend a little,
or keep it simple?
Keep asking questions,
or compliment her dimple?

’tis difficult for me,
I am breaking a sweat.
And that too when,
we haven’t even met.

Does she like chivalry?
should I pull her the chair.
Or should I treat her as equal,
and leave it there?

Should I flirt with her,
let her know my plan?
Or be like a friend?
more of a gentleman.

The way I am fussing,
is she tense too?
Am I the guy,
she is trying to woo?

I met her in a bus,
she was running late.
Was this meeting of chance,
our collective fate?

Overdressed, underdressed,
what is the middle path?
Thinking of what to wear,
I spent hours in the bath.

The first glance,
The first talk,
it’s things like these.
When I wish,
when I pray,
that this moment could freeze.
She smiled,
came closer,
Oh! the gently flowing breeze.
My heart raced,
My veins froze,
I realised
You can’t plan things like these.


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