Let The Good Times Roll! (Hedonism)

I saw a kid, sitting on a bench in a park,

wondering if he could stay till it got dark.
Mom and dad would be fighting again,
shouting, yelling, snarling, like dogs bark.
I saw a ninja- without his sword,
sitting all lifeless, sad and bored.
The job didn’t pay, he had to quit,
“Will work for money” read his signboard.
I saw a tree- one of its branches cut,
it held to its own, quite unfazed but,
its leaves cried for the dearth of water,
hope left the tree, all doors were shut.

I saw a friend who had a rough day,
his gait all gloomy, hair all grey,
eyes so sad, his smile went amiss,
like a pin in a stack of hay.

Something was common among these all,
they all stuck with their assigned role.
The path to success has a big loophole,
the body knows where to go, but not the soul.
The soul is like a fish, stuck in a fishbowl,
Feeling what it feels, not doing what it’s told.
It’s a path of thorns, not paved with gold,
When you set aside the task of being as a whole,
you find that your being has a big deep hole,
just like a car’s a car, no matter diesel or petrol,
the good times won’t come to you, unless
you let the good times roll!


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