My birthday!!

15 Feb 2012 will be a memorable day in the life of Mr. ABD. It was a day full of happening things and cool stuff. The day was LEGEN…. wait for it…

The day started at 12 midnight with me getting my arse kicked and handed to me… big time…

I get nightmares just by thinking about the kicks I received.
In the night we danced like crazy at my room. Till like 4 am! We played cards later on.
It was a crazy crazy dance routine.
In the morning, I woke up at 8 and went to college. Sleep deprived, I came back at 9:30 while visiting the temple. Then slept till 12 noon. After that, went for attendance to college. Was still hungover from the night.
In the second half, I and Abhishek were sent to invigilate the Oral Surgery, second internal exam. Tried my best to help the juniors… reminiscing my own days. In the evening, had a chat with Dr. Shivaprasad where he made us all smile with his witty remarks. 
Later in the night, went for a dinner treat at Sai International Hotel, there I cut the cake again and had loads of fun. 🙂
Thus, my 24th birthday went on to become one of the best ones.
Love to all my friends!!
wait for it…



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