Write Over the Weekend- "Memories"

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Ok Blogadda and all you wonderful people out there, here is a photograph of me getting my birthday bumps on 15 Feb 2012 in the typical hostel way only a hostel resident can understand. The pain lingers for the next day morning and sometimes even more if your friends are overly enthusiastic but the memories remain forever. Now that I am going to be out of hostel in a few days, the photo becomes even more important. 
It all starts with the room-mate waking up the birthday boy, calling all friends to the flag-pole of the hostel. A cake would already be bought and candles would be decorated around it. The birthday boy makes every attempt to save his tushy; from padding the underwear to pleading hemorrhoids, but nothing works. As he begins to blow the candles, people start kicking him left, right and… center! The case is not much helped by the fact that the candles are those magic candles- specially designed to last long. 
His room-mate and best friends are also not spared. Do not ask me who started this tradition… but yes, they are also chased down and beaten black and blue.
Now, the cake cutting ceremony begins where the guy is painted with cake. His face becomes a canvas and all artists try their hand at it. Then he is taken to the hosepipe tap in the lawn and bathed. Some special candidates get to dance too with their underwear being the ransom. After the torture, it’s time for some good ol’ gossip and loud laughter. In the end, they all walk back to their respective rooms and the birthday boy heads to the bathroom with a bucket in his hand at 1 in the night.


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