"Building Love"- My entry to the GetPublished contest

  • The story is titled “Building Love” because it’s my own story of how I built love out of scratch. In this age of social media and computers, it’s very hard to know the person truly even after talking to him/her for hours. I have stayed patient, taken mental notes and have realized how I feel about the girl through due course of time. I am going to describe how I built this relationship and what is the cement that holds us together.
  • The Idea description– The story starts through an online chance encounter between me and this girl. It is not a fairy tale since the beginning but it slowly metamorphoses into one. It’s about building confidence, building tolerance, building respect, discovering each other and finally, discovering “love”. The story is woven around the initial turmoil and misunderstanding and slowly but steadily reaching its final fate. It’s not about what do you feel in your heart but “how” do you start feeling it. What makes it unique is that although set in an era of facebook and whatsapp, it grows only when real conversations replace generic emoticons. 
  • Protagonists– It’s about me and the girl I am very much in love with. It’s also about Facebook. It also features my ex-flames and hers. It is a romance straight out of your neighbourhood yet so different from any other.
  • The Situation– Two people, at different stages of their lives, looking for different things, end up finding true love. The journey from fake to real, mundane to adventurous, ordinary to passionate is phenomenal. It’s about understanding someone through conversations. Conversations are about generating heat. Conversations that lead to the path of discovery and epiphanies. It’s about discovering yourself through the other person’s eyes.
  • What makes the story real? Its characters. Just like me and my girlfriend, it can be you, any day, browsing through facebook, randomly flipping through profiles. Romantic at heart, losing hope, yet trying to hold on. It describes what tests does love take and the ways to pass those tests. It tries to discover love. It’s actually the secret recipe to make the heart grow fonder.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


  1. hmmmm…….. am sure it would connect with so many youngsters out there. What you may want to build on is perhaps how your story is unique, inspite of its familiarity. All the best. Voted 🙂


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