An angry rant

Today, a pretty patient came for consultation and although she was a staff member and I wouldn’t have charged her anything for the consultation, I didn’t even feel like it was a favour because she was pretty. I feel it is a bit unfair how good-looking people get treated nicely and now I also am a part of that unfair world. So, that is that.

Also, I signed up for the IDA (Indian Dental  Association) and the website is an absolute mess. Half of the links there are unclickable and once you navigate away from one page, open a page in a new tab, you need to login again. It is sad how such a big association cannot handle a website.

There is one thing that I feel about dentistry in India that I need to put out there. Here, a master’s degree is more like a status symbol you have to buy. People are running clinics and doing root canals and extractions but they have a master’s in Orthodontia anyway. It is just a ‘by the way’ kind of thing. In the US of A where dentistry reached its zenith, a bachelor’s degree is good for starting a practice and is an intelligent career choice in case one wants to become a general dentist. In India, because we like to compete, we treat MBBS and BDS like some stepping stones. You can still be just a BDS in India but forget about just an MBBS. If you don’t have an MD or MS, you’re done for. The same foolishness is creeping into dentistry where BDS is just BDS.

There are many more unethical things going on in dentistry but for now, the above one is bothering me the most. If you’re going to open a clinic and do nothing related to what you’re mastering in, why are you doing post-graduation like you have to? Why are you making education an ‘on sale’ item?


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