Jingle Bellls!

’tis the season of joy and I think winter makes us all warm and kind. I saw a bunch of pigs lying by the roadside the other day and they were snuggling. I know it is stupid to attribute anthropomorphic characteristics to them but they seemed to be smiling in their sleep. It is lovely how snuggles, cuddles and warmth find so much more value in this season.

Christmas is also the festival of giving. I love the idea behind giving and spreading cheer. I would love to be the guy who just walks up to a homeless person and hands them a Rs 500 note and says ‘Merry Christmas’ but it is just too filmy and corny to execute in real life. Plus, right before I am about to do a charity, mean people start showing up in my face.

Life is all rosy when I am imagining a kind happy world, walking down the street, hands in my pocket, looking at strangers. I decide I want to give and then the rash driver flips me the bird, the rude gatekeeper says something mean, the pigs who were snuggling try to attack me. The world turns ugly. It is hard to hold on to my own goodness leave aside spreading it.

This sounds more like a lame excuse for lacking the will. I do lack the will. I am saying it is hard for me to be charitable but whenever I am trying to be nice, the vision of the ugliness of the world and its people gets clearer and clearer. You might think begging is tough, I think giving to someone who is not begging is tougher. You reach out to someone who doesn’t know or want you and you try to help him. It is only slightly easier than courting a girl. I am sorry I had promised to talk about my love life in my last post. I thought this post should be posted today because, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I don’t know the saintly people do it. How they maintain the calm detachment and the weird peace about their demeanours. It is hard at least for me.



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