She loves me not.

I had previously posted on how I was in love. Today is a sudden but emphatic climax of that story. I took her out and asked for an answer to my pertinent question- Does she love me? Her answer was in negative and although it did hurt, it was also liberating. Truth, no matter how painful, always sets you free. I did sense it coming though. It was evident from the fact that her world did not revolve around me. I would have been surprised had she said yes. There was no reason to say yes except the fact that I loved her. Love has gone to past tense now because I am not a big fan of unrequited love.

Getting over her will not be tough because she was honest while turning me down. She made it clear that she never loved me and was never saw me the way I saw her. Then there were signs. The search goes on and the only thing I need to preserve is my tenacity. If I keep doing this, I am sure, even if I don’t reach the destination, I sure will enjoy the journey.


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