Worry Lines on My Palm

I met a palmist in a party a few days back and he told me I have worry lines on my palm. He said I need to meditate and get rid of all the tension. Now, I do tend to overthink in most situations. I did pressurize my friend into giving me ‘an answer’ so much so that the answer was a no. But was it because of the worry lines? Is this even a science?

I did some internet research like a responsible netizen and turns out there is not scientific correlation between your palm and your fate.. YET! Palmistry does make one feel important. It helps you think that the problems you’re facing are planned in a grand way. It romanticizes misery and puts a giant magnifying lens on personalities.

Anyway, my senior told me that I rushed with my decision of falling in love and proposing. So, I made a phone call. I apologized to her for putting her in a spot where she had to choose too soon. I felt better after the call and I hope she did too. One thing is for sure though, there is no turning back the wheels of time. Perhaps, this rushed romance was destined to die because it only goes right when the person is right. There is a monitor sitting at the back of your subconscious which makes you goof up so that you mess up your plan and are saved from skewing toward the wrong side- no matter how right it seems.

It seems all sugary and romantic to find a silver lining in these things but, for now, this is the way I feel. I also feel a bit depressed because, damn! being single is tough! I guess I will keep messing up till I hit a difficult to mess, difficult to miss target.


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