It’s your birthday!

Lo and behold, it’s your birthday. You are one year wiser, one year smarter, one year fuller of the cup of life. On this day of yours, I want to say a few words to you. Mind you, this is not praise. It is just a mirror that I am holding up. A mirror never says, ‘you’re beautiful’, it just states the facts as it sees them. So, I will call this letter- ‘as I see you.’

As I see you
I see you as one of those persons who when enter someone’s life, they only enter to complete it. You are the final piece of someone’s jigsaw puzzle. Your entry settles all the dust in the air, all commotion turns into symphony, and there just remains a clear breeze. You are that breeze. Your smiles, your playful eyes, your loud gestures- cannot hide the composure that you keep; the ocean of serenity brimming within you. You do not react, you do not get mad, you absorb and then you absorb some more. And you do it with grace.
The best of the people are made of this stuff. There is no easy way to offend you or to convince you. You are built of some hard fabric. Fabric that one cannot earn, one has to be born with it. And that’s why, specially today, I am happy that you were born.
I see you as a real person. There can be nothing I can force or fake in my conversations with you. That is perhaps why I wanted you to be my wife. But it’s not about me today. It’s about you.
I see you as you watch something with an intent gaze. Your eyes, they burn. They are driven eyes. Eyes that give purpose to life.
Your lips part just a little bit when you get a thought, there are butterflies that surround me when you are about to speak.
All this wisdom, all this grit and still so fragile. You can try hard to be unladylike, you can cross your feet and laugh loudly, you can pull all the tricks in the book but the lady in you shines through. The stoic exterior develops cracks and then there is this gleaming light. It is made of all those moments when you worry about those kids in the mall, all those concerned, wide-eyed speeches about the evils in the society and all those moments when you go out of your way to conform to someone else’s whims just so that he doesn’t feel bad.
For me, you are the girl who knows what to do with an iPad, you are the girl who if left behind, will find her way out of the maze and ahead of everyone. You are the girl who smells like a dozen fresh flowers. The girl who smiles often and knows what she’s doing. You say things with intent and clarity. You’re the girl who doesn’t like to dance in public, the girl who loves words and holds them dearly. You love fantasy fiction because that’s a world you can relate to. You are out of this world. I hope you keep being like this forever…
More love than usual because it’s your birthday,

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