To depression and back

I sit in this depressing room of mine in Gurgaon. The cold seeps inside my feet as the December chills make me uneasy. Yet, this is the happiest place for me at the moment. I went outside to meet people and see things but, something within me yearned for comfort and solace. Both of which are available in moderate amounts in this room.

So, here I sit and type in a furious speed on my laptop keyboard. I type with the angst of a survivor. Outdoors, I felt nothing. I hear that’s how depression feels like. You don’t want to do things, all your ambitions, all your initiatives get frozen and all you want is for the clock to go ticktock till time comes to an end.

Well, I do have a penchant for drama. Maybe it wasn’t depression. Maybe I survived nothing but boredom. But, the point is- it feels nice to be alone. Sometimes.



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