In the line of fire: The really long day


She opened her eyes slowly. A ray of light drove through her eyelids raking up panic and pain. She found herself lying on the floor. Her fingers trembled. The room seemed to be locked from outside. The place had signs of a grim abandonment about it. To her right, on the floor was a plate with some sabzi, kadhi and two rotis. The plate was a reminder that she was in captivity and depended on the kindness of those vicious animals for her survival. She didn’t like her chances. To her left, was some damaged furniture. The whole room had scrap items. Things that were abandoned and were left on the mercy of fate.
She shook herself up into wakefulness. She didn’t remember getting there but it was obvious that she had been abducted. Before the room of junk could swallow her whole, she needed to put up a fight…

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