What if?

What if they met in this day and age? What if lovers of yore? Lovers from the stories of Laila and Majnu, Mirza and Sahiba; what if they were to meet today. I am not asking you to tell the story of that sort of love in these times. I am asking if they were moulded in today’s times, would they die for each other?

Probably not and it is healthy too. Love should not be the reason you end your life. It should not be the beginning of your day and your last thought before sleeping. The Majnu stalking Laila’s Facebook profile after she has been married off to a rich NRI is not a lover. He is sad.

But let us imagine, because there is some romance to it, let us imagine that people driven by love existed in our times. Of course they do exist. They exist on the local news columns of your national newspapers. They are in those headlines describing a boy found hanging or a girl killed by parents. They do exist. But let us, again for the romance of it, think of a romance that isn’t at loggerheads with the society.

I see you thinking about Ishaqzaade or Raam-Leela. Those were movies. It won’t be perfect. Love won’t blind them. It has to be spiritual. Think of our Heer. She is in college. She likes to mostly keep to herself. She is good at academics. She likes her family. Her father is in a respectable government job. She lives in Delhi and commutes to her college via buses and metro.

Our Ranjha is a boy in the same college. His father is a businessman. A small one. Let us not make this about rich and poor. Let it be two people from the same caste too. No society-pressure.

Both are romantic, impulsive, emotional people because that’s what this is about. Dreamy people who would have killed or died for love had it been another century. They meet in the bus. She has no loose change and her stop is about to come. He helps her with the change and they get talking. It is fun–the initial few days. They become friends and then they become mad for each other. It happens organically. Not like in the movies. They take their time. Then comes the first fight. Both are supposed to be believers so they hang on. They get mad and passionate. Think PS: I Love You.

Do you think they would go the distance? I am not too sure. Of course dying early is not an option. Love is not about a great story. Love is not even something that makes you sit up and want to change yourself or change the world. Love is comfortable.

All the times one types an impulsive hate message on whatsapp, they shorten their love story by twenty odd pages. And all good love stories are around two hundred pages. Ok, I made that up but the thing is, lovers of yore had the unfair advantage. They were fighting something outside of their relationship. It was couple fighting the world. Of course, the couple would get closer. How about a couple with no problems from outside?

This was just a 2 am rant. I am sorry if I bored you. But then, you came to read my blog. So, the fault is yours!

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