A face that…

A face that has read history. A face that knows where Aryans came from, how Arabs came to be, how Saxons reached Britain. A face that knows how to grow the best tea and where are the best tea estates. A face that has read books on food and geography. A face that listens patiently when the elders talk about the glorious past. A face that knows.

A face that has read science. A face that thinks about anti-matter and quarks. A face that knows the chemical constitution of the human gene. A face that is ready to admit that it doesn’t know. A face that smiles often.

A face that has studied arts. A face that admires the curves and edges. A face that listens intently to music. A face that reads poetry and cries. A face that can get lost in a good story–tumbling through chimneys and falling over cliffs, to be saved by ocean waves and friendly trees. A face that can imagine.

Only then, I will fall for a face.



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