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Rationalising The Universe

A Persian mathematician and astronomer by the name of al-Khwarizimi (died 850AD) spent his career working in the House of Wisdom; a fantastic mathematician from which we derive the algorithm. His tireless efforts in translating and writing mathematical texts popularised numerals and arithmetic in Europe, a raging intellectual fire burning across the globe. The House of Wisdom, founded by the caliph to promote the intellectual advancement of the sciences. The Greeks, drenched in philosophical thought who looked at the world and postulated that these messages from the God’s may indeed be physical phenomena. The Babylonians, whose sexagesimal (base 60) study of numbers we pay homage to each time we look at the clock. Throughout history time and time again we have societies who understood the power of science and mathematics, and gave mankind advancement which we use today with so little thanks.

Indeed fast forward to the year 1851; Crystal…

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