My Jug

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

Everyone should have a friend with whom they can be absolutely honest. And that friend should also be able to dish it out to them when they are not fulfilling what they have promised life. We make promises to life but then it gets harder and harder to keep them as we grow up. And that is when we need a Jug in our life. A friend who can tell us like it is. (Not like Trump though)

For me, it is my father. He has not just been my guide during tough life decisions but he has also played the role of my best friend. His number is the most dialed number on my phone and it is more often than not that our conversations end up being long and philosophical. It is not like he is in charge of my decisions but his advice has led me to where in life I am. I do not speak just about the career but also spiritually and intellectually, our discussions have helped me prioritize stuff in life.

He is a big believer in working as hard as you can and as long as you can. His philosophy has inspired me and has led me to follow my heart in all my endeavours and give all of them my best.

And it is not that he asks me to work hard. He leads by example. He does things that seem impossible. Be it getting a law degree while doing a grueling day job at a bank or managing crowds at the bank after the demonetization decision, he does it while managing unruly clients and unreasonable bosses. India is a country that few can survive. Being Indian sometimes becomes an art of survival in itself. He has shown me how to do it all, how to multitasking without making it seem difficult.

So when I fret about small stuff, I remember what he does to keep the clockwork ticking and my inspiration levels rise to the max. He reminds me that life will always be about small challenges and big ones too. Life will never stop for you to give you a breather. The moment you get your electricity bill sorted, your bike’s fuel tank will start leaking. It is about managing it all with a smile. He does it on a daily basis.

Also, on a personal front, I think he knows how to keep his emotions in check. I have not seen him overreact on small stuff and hold on to small grudges. I am yet to learn all that but yes, he is my Jug and will always remain so.




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