Modi Modi Modi

It is so difficult to watch it silently. The political drama in India has never been more vibrant. My observations are that the currency ban is truly a bold move. The positives outweigh the negatives. But yes, the detractors of Modi are actually one of the reasons he deserves the support he gets.
Some of the attempts to get the masses to turn on Modi are laughable. The opportunity to eliminate fake notes and pump money back into circulation is massive. It is a period of atonement for the hoarders. And I do agree that it will help some people convert their black money into white (they will declare it as housewife’s savings and gifts received by children) but it will bring tax money. The money that was rotting away will be back. And if the money was in multiples of crores, then okay, you’re kind of screwed and I get why you would want to start hate campaigns. But the thing is, people have started spotting the Kejriwals and Rajdeeps now. It is not anti-national to oppose Modi but sometimes the bias is so clearly visible that it just becomes tough to take the haters seriously.
As far as the question of common man’s inconvenience and suffering goes, the response has been mixed. Sure, a few are cribbing about cancelled marriages and long queues but most people are happy with the decision.
It does not mean that Modi is beyond reproach. For all those who think that saying something pro-establishment will somehow harm the balance of democracy, I am not sure they understand how free speech works. Your free speech is at risk if you are not allowed to say things. It is not at risk if you just want to hate someone and there are others who disagree with you. If you treat people that disagree with you with any less respect, then probably you are a threat to free speech.
Modi may have skeletons in his closet but they are tucked deep and nice. On the other hand, the political opposition in India has skeletons that are dancing on the streets. Just because you are of a particular caste, ideology or religion does not mean that you have to hate whatever a supposedly ‘Brahminical, elitist, right wing and Hindu-hardliner’ government does. You have to oppose sensibly and build up a better liberal front to take on the conservatives.
Ask questions on how the future hoarding will be prevented and if the government has plans against that. The temporary solution of Rs 2000 notes that seems to exist because it would be difficult to print those many Rs 100 notes- might not be a long term answer. Ask questions and hold the government accountable. That is how democracy works, I think.

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