Music is the language of love

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All of us owe a lot to music. As babies, lullabies soothe us and they also put the frantic hearts at rest. We all have musical memories. I have the memory of my childhood years when everyone at my home would line up to watch Rangoli on Doordarshan on Sunday mornings. Often the old Bollywood songs were the tunes that woke me up on those days and it was magical. It was like waking up in a whole new world. My mother would turn on the television and go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for all of us and and the house would reverberate with tunes of the yesteryear. It was how fell in love with the voices of Hemant Kumar, Mohd. Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh and of course, Lata Mangeshkar. I still remember the lyrics of those songs with such fondness.

Sometimes it would be a Shammi Kapoor dance number that would wake me up. It would be magical as the song would shake me up from deep sleep and get me dancing. As I grew up, my fondness for music grew even more. I was introduced to the Backstreet Boys and Darren Hayes. That was my first tryst with English pop music. A friend of mine used to send me her favourite songs by attaching them in email. I would receive those gifts with so much gratitude. I made it a point to listen to those songs while thinking of her. She was a pen friend and lived miles away from me. Music was what connected us. She introduced me to Linkin Park and AC/DC and that brought me to my phase of mad headbanging while listening to their music on headphones.

The first time, I developed a crush on a girl in college, I used to listen to Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden and fall asleep with a smile on my face. It was a soothing song and my love for music only grew from such romantic experiences. I think most songs are love songs because there is a deep connection between love and music. They are actually inseparable.  It is impossible to avoid the arrival of a song on your lips if there is love in your heart. Heartbreaks are also incomplete without melancholic songs of longing and pain. Songs actually are born out of love and they do not die, neither does love.

Having understood the importance of music, I usually start my day these days with songs. A fun Bollywood number is a great way to start the day. The songs that carry meaning, happiness and love are always so beautiful and it is always visible when a singer puts his soul in the song. As artists, the singer’s job is not just to hit the right notes but he also has to hit the right emotions. Arijit Singh has been doing that in the Hindi Film music industry for a while now. Music, when it comes from the heart, is truly liberating.

Ok then, now I am off to listening to some of my favourite songs.

Current favourite: Cheap Thrills by Sia.

Leave your favourite songs in the comments here and also, do check out for some good music.

PS- It’s फ़नकार not फुंकार hehe


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