Bigger than you

I happened to visit the India Habitat Center today and the Times Litfest was going on. Farhan Akhtar had just entered the stage and the crowd was going bananas. He began with two of his new compositions which were in English. He named them the appetizers. He then proceeded to serve the Main Course by singing his signature Rock On! songs.

The first song was the Socha hai track to which the crowd happily sang chorus. He then crooned the Rock On! title track which brought feet to tap mode and heads to sway mode. Then he sang the melodious ‘Tum ho toh gaata hai dil’ song and during the song I heard sobbing from my right. The guy standing next to me had burst into tears in the middle of a dancing crowd as Farhan Akhtar sang his soulful number.

He then excused himself from the crowd as the lines “Jo tum nahi toh geet kahaan hai” filled the atmosphere. I watched him wipe his tears and come back to the crowd, clapping and clicking his fingers.

That was something transcendental for the human in me. He didn’t need to be patted on his shoulder or hugged for his pain. He had loved and perhaps lost enough to understand the feelings behind the lyrics that could only make others tap their feet. He had become bigger than a fan. He had become a lover. Love is where art, music, all sorts of good things come from. And if he could feel the music stir something deep within his soul, all I can do for him is to congratulate him.

I do not wish heartache on anyone. I am just saying if your love doesn’t help you feel things like music better, it isn’t love. Love, that is rare and beautiful. Rock on!


One comment

  1. Melodies and Lyrics are a soothing balm for a paining heart.
    The wound could be from broken love , betrayed friendship or something your heart desired and it never happened.
    Together they are like that great friend who holds your hand in your crying time
    and never lets it go.
    You were connected to his emotion .
    That is the power of music.


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