This shouldn’t take long.

He checked YouTube and saw that his favourite channel had uploaded a two minute video. “Just two minutes? That is doable,” he thought. He clicked on the link but then someone pinged him on Whatsapp. It was someone important. Important not because he liked this person but because it was not someone who usually texted him. So, he paused the YouTube video and replied carefully. As he typed the reply, his finger automatically clicked open a new tab and load Facebook. He saw the red shiny notification update. He clicked on it as soon as he was done typing the reply. Someone had commented on a picture he had earlier commented on. “Ugh, I hate when this happens,” he thought and went to the picture to disable the notifications. He didn’t want the notifications to distract him. The picture was taking a while to load so he opened twitter. There were a bunch of tweets about Donald Trump’s speech. Now what did this Trump guy do? He clicked on the tweet and then laughed. He wanted to find out more. So, he opened YouTube in a new tab and searched for Trump. Nothing there. So he clicked on “Trending”. The latest movie trailer was out. He checked it out.  A notification rang on his phone. Someone had followed him on Instagram. He made sure to follow them back. It is rude to not follow back especially if it is a pretty girl.

He then began closing the tabs. It is not right to waste so much time. He must do something productive. While closing Twitter, he realized he still hadn’t found out what Trump had said. He did have a broad idea but he wanted to know the whole thing. “Let’s ask on Quora,” he thought and opened Quora. There were 10 notifications. Some people had requested him to answer stuff. It seemed like important stuff so he typed helpful replies. Meanwhile, the friend had sent 5 messages on Whatsapp.”Ugh, what is up with people! Can’t they see I have so much to do?” he thought and went on to reply to all the messages. He also so his Whatsapp groups come alive after a while. “I don’t wanna miss out on this conversation,” he thought and typed replies to a few messages.

He then closed Quora forgetting what he had originally opened it for. After reaching back to Twitter, he remembered. He decided to drop it. He had a broad idea. There was notification on Facebook. Someone had liked his photo. And there was a comment too. He replied, “Thank you.”

There were 6 more unread messages on Whatsapp and it was already dark outside. He went back to the two-minute video tab. “This shouldn’t take long,” he thought and clicked on play.



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  1. fictionspawn says:

    My life in a nutshell… One queston, though: how come there was nothing on Trump on youtube? Must be some kind of twilightzone:)


    1. Abhyudaya says:

      In my imagination, it was so fresh a news that it hadn’t been made avaialable on YouTube. It was all just happening.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. fictionspawn says:

        Aha, I see. Thank you for clearing it up! Nice story!


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