To Treat Oneself

I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

I am of the opinion that every once a while, one should take time out for oneself. Of late, I haven’t got the chance to indulge in any luxurious activities so, I quickly grabbed the chance when my friend proposed a plan to stay at The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi. We were to sit around in the lobby and use the WiFi, nibble on the tasty treats and read books for the weekend. I was excited about the plan and hopped on to the metro for my weekend retreat. I got down at the MG Road Metro Station in Gurgaon and walked to The Westin Gurgaon. It is a large property and thankfully, I could locate the correct entrance easily. I entered the tall imposing building with smiling doormen.

The staff was quite easy to approach and they directed me to the vast lobby where my friend was sipping his coffee at a discounted price (They have a discount for SPG members). He offered me a brownie and I was quickly transported to a blissful state. The weekend had begun.

I sat in the lobby with my book. The large pillars and shiny smooth floor made for a very grand feel. Although most guests were quiet and the chatter was mostly hushed whispers, the acoustics of the place led to an interesting effect.

Men in business suits walked about with business on their minds. There was a couple with kids on a holiday and a few other regular members. It felt nice to be a part of this world. We drank coffee and had a nice evening. I also got some writing done mostly because of the quiet and warm ambiance.

We went on a stroll around the property later in the evening. The building is an example of western architecture in all its glory. The style is minimalistic and renders a very open and lush feel to the whole place. The use of water in the fountains and decorations is also done very tastefully.

We headed later for the dinner to PREGO – A Californian style Italian venue. The place had both indoor and al fresco dining options. We picked the al fresco options due to the scenic poolside view and the perfect weather. The staff was very courteous and proactive. We felt pampered when the waiter brought us complimentary bread and read out the specials. The menu had dishes with fancy names and it was fun trying to pronounce the names. We eventually decided on a chicken pizza and relished with a glass of wine each.

After much mirth and bonding over old tales of our friendship, we retired to our room which was a deluxe room priced quite reasonably. The room service and the amenities were again top-notch. The long warm shower I took before bed washed away all my worries that I didn’t even know I had.

The next morning we stepped out for breakfast to Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. The city has much to offer for foodies and after having our fill, we scurried back to Westin like a child runs to the mother. We ordered some cocktails and cooled our heels in the outdoor pool- Splash. We were only woken up by our relaxed stupor by the hunger pangs in the evening. We again headed back to PREGO and tried some pizza and risotto. The thin crusts and the perfect usage of olive oil had made the food at this place very peculiar. We knew we were tasting something authentic yet innovative.

The stay ended on a very content and happy note and we would love to go again and again. And again.

Until next time,




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