Ritesh said my short story was crap

(This is in continuation with my last article about the craft of writing)

One post ago, I had posted a short story to let off some steam. I needed to practise writing a scene and I practised it by writing a piece of short fiction. Ritesh told me that was a piece of shit instead. I get this criticism often that I write stuff that is anti-climactic. Ritesh Kukrety (he writes at Ramblings of a Supraman) is usually pretty liberal with his praises so when he said that it was utter nonsense, I had to reflect on it.

Well, when I was writing it, I felt the topic had the potential to be extended into a longer story. But then, I won’t say I meant to write a bad piece. Sometimes you just need a critical review. It is feedback from good friends that makes one sharpen the pen on the whetstone. Some of your sentences might  make perfect sense and might be good grammatically but according a friend Medha Gupta (Her Behance Profile), they just sound off. And it is better to rewrite them- which is why you need to show your work to as many GOOD WRITERS as you can. Do not go running to the editor just yet. Sit with your work, correct the spellings, prune the sentences, fix the plot-holes.

We will talk more about editing in future articles. But I want to talk to you badly about something else. COFFEE!

As a writer, one of your biggest allies is coffee. It will help you slog it out and work extra hours. Yes, you will die of heart disease but we are all dying anyway. I am here to tell you about instant coffee. To make a nice, frothy cup of coffee, you have to beat the coffee powder and sugar in a cup with a spoon for a few minutes. Well, I have invented a way that is much faster and just as effective.

Here is how to make a great cup of coffee in seconds. Take two teaspoons of coffee and two tablespoons of sugar in a bottle/ container. Close the lid after adding a spoon of water and shake it vigorously. Your frothy concentrate is ready. Now just pour hot milk/ water and enjoy.

Until next time!


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