TVF, Arunabh Kumar and workplace harassment

I know the jury isn’t out on this one so we don’t know who is right. But now that there is an FIR (link), the police would get to investigate the matter and come to a conclusion. It is sad how TVF chose to respond to the accusation though. They ‘categorically’ denied it. You can check out their reply in the comments section of the original article. ‘Categorically false and baseless’. I wonder what that means.

‘I categorically deny this,’ sounds such a heavy statement. ‘No, not categorically! If they would have denied it normally, I still would have had doubts but now they have done it categorically, he must be clean! No investigation needed!’

Twitter, as always, didn’t disappoint and there was this tweet by MTV host Jose Covaco where he corrected the political incorrectness. Pure gold.

Times of India is having its share of fun by drawing timelines and stuff. (Link)

Apparently the man thinks it is OK to compliment someone you don’t know personally about their looks. He said that. As a heterosexual man, he feels entitled. Well, as a heterosexual man, I feel sorry for this sort of thought process. And I am worried he won’t understand why he is wrong. It is drilled in our brains to take a tough stand to get our point across. Sometimes, you need to listen. And you need to relent. When a feminazi tells you that all men are bigots, you need to resist the urge to get radicalized against them. Life is not a dance between Joker and Batman. There are better ways.

But the thing is, casual sexism is not just inside your whatsapp family group’s lewd forwarded jokes about how the wife is a headache and how the man puts up with women. It is a running narrative in our society. Even the most educated and accomplished women directly or indirectly support it. The two genders are two different species is the safe tagline. Then it is extended to they should be given different jobs and then casually the idea that women should be the butt of certain jokes because some sexism is OK is slipped to our smartphone screens.

Guilty or not, we need to just view these instances with a better perspective. I do not want to live in a world where women think they are OK being repressed. Also there are men who are rallying behind the idea that it is illogical for women to fight for freedom to dress however they want. They are sensible men. They even say that the idea is that there are always going to be criminal elements and there is no harm in being safe. Those men come from the school of thought that we can’t change the society so let’s do what is safe.

Please know this: Every step you take back, every punch you pull – that is one inch more to the patriarchy grounds. The definition of safe once used to be ‘to stay indoors’. Women stepped outside and now they are working in offices and leading companies. Now the definition of safe is to dress modestly. How about letting them decide what is modest for them. That’s the whole point. Right?




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