An envelope

I gave you before Christmas,

an envelope of empty promises.

It was to lower the bar,

an opportunity one never misses.


You took the emptiness,

and gave me a long stare.

You kept it aside, smiled,

“Open it,” I gave you a dare.


“Here, open it for me,”

you said with a straight face.

I opened it quickly,

as if it were a race.


You saw the emptiness

And then, I was yours to slay.

It slipped out, escaped silently.

And you let it fly away.


You said it was pretty,

and reached out in the air.

I wondered if you joked,

had the fun of your share.


You pretended to grab,

something from air.

I saw something,

moving there, I swear.


In your outstretched fist,

you held it out.

I scratched my head

with a look of doubt.


Sticking out its furriness,

it maundered and smiled.

My emptiness had come alive,

could imagination run so wild?


You blew at it and like

a dandelion, it fell apart.

My emptiness now had

become a work of art.


The air you blew brought

to me a memory so sweet.

You freed from my envelope,

the wind beneath my feet.


(This poem is about how it is nice to have someone who sticks around even when your promises turn out to be empty and life is not as good as you promised them it would be. Happy Poetry Day)



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