I don’t need your money

‘Shit, I think I dropped my wallet,’ he said as they came out of the movie hall. He turned around and she stood in shock for a minute. Then she planted herself to a corner and started snapchatting.

He ran up the stairs and there stood a man who was holding the door open. ‘I am sorry sir, you cannot go up.’

‘But I just need to see if my wallet is under my seat,’ the boy said. The man at the door let him pass. A wallet seemed to be an emergency. He also had realized that there was no such rule. The boy bolted inside and saw the janitor look for empty bottles and popcorn containers on seats. The janitor had spotted his wallet and was holding it in his hands. The boy observed the bearded man. Behind his beard, he imagined there was a glee on finding money.

‘Hey, that’s my wallet,’ the boy said. The man dropped it in plain fright. And then picked it up again. The grey hair in his beard were clearer as the boy’s eyes adjusted to the darkness in the hall.

‘Here, take this,’ he handed a ten rupee note to the janitor after retrieving his wallet. The man took it and stood with his mouth agape as the boy ran back toward the exit. The man stood there for a while looking at the note. The girlfriend, who was waiting outside, heaved a sigh of relief. Their dinner plans could now resume.

The janitor was still holding the note. He kept it in his pocket and then cleaned the hall for the next show. He then slipped out of the complex and went to a man who sat at the footpath. The man had no legs. The janitor dropped a twenty rupee note in the beggar’s bowl and went back.

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