To write without a purpose

Words are important. They carry meaning. But then, sometimes there are just words and sure, they mean something but it is not very significant. Sometimes words just mean to make no changes to the status quo.

Sample this:

He stood near the window as the sunlight played on the tinted glass, forming shadows on his face. He thought for a while about shadows and darkness.

To me, the above lines did not carry the story forward. I am not even sure if they mean anything but, I liked the words. I want to hear more words like those. And think nothing. And the fact that words are capable of doing just that, is a thrilling prospect. Imagine a novel of good words like those. A novel you’re not dying to finish. A novel which is not a page-turner. It is a page-lingerer. Sometimes, words can be used to leave you hanging from a cliff and on some occasions, words are those cliffs.


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