The Dark Skin Debate

Now that we are discussing skin colour thanks to Abhay Deol’s posts against fairness creams, I would like to offer a case in point:

When I was younger, there was a song that used to come on television. (Video above). Sunita Rao’s Abke Baras. A beautiful woman dancing in Rajasthan. I was smitten by her. The eyes spoke volumes and her smile was infectious and that was all I knew. But as I have grown up, I have been told what the concept of beauty is and why one person should be considered more attractive than the other. These concepts – fed through generations have crippled us. Our crippled brains now form sentences like, ‘Despite being dark, she is beautiful.’

Do you understand what this is costing us? It is costing us a lot more than what is visible on surface. We are weeding out a large chunk of our population that if given opportunity can sing great songs on stage, portray great roles on screen and colour up our television screens. Instead, we are choosing to poke fun at them for no reason.

As a dark man myself, I have always worn my skin with pride. There have been people asking me to rub a herb or cream on my skin to lighten it up – and reverse nature’s order. Well, if you were given an eye in place of an eye would you gouge it out because it isn’t the right colour, shape or size?

If we didn’t prefer fair models, actors in all our videos, we would have had more music videos with the likes of Sameera Reddy. Remember this one?

But then I am again reinforcing the same inhuman belief that dark can be beautiful too. This is how deep this runs. In a truly perfect world, I would not need to convince you that dark is beautiful. Beauty would lie in the eyes of the beholder and in the acts of kindness.


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  1. This is brilliant Abhyudaya!! The hypocrisy of the society is so evident when issues like this pop up.

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