Opinion – Chetan Bhagat stole a story?

An angry rant about the latest Chetan Bhagat controversy.

So, the book I gave a one out of five review was not even his story? Anvita Bajpai claimed that her story was stolen by Bhagat. (Facebook Post) The court granted a temporary injunction holding the sales. So the matter is quite flared up as it is.

Here is a video of Indian media flaring it up further (Listen to the author and judge her on her bad English)

My view:

If you feel your story is stolen, my sympathies are undoubtedly with you. I am sure Bhagat is capable of it. We are all susceptible to one or the other form of human folly but people like Ekta Kapoor, Chetan Bhagat – who do not understand the concept of creativity and are corrupting influences for a whole generation – are surely capable of stealing intellectual property without batting an eyelid. You can see Bhagat judging singing and dancing contests and writing opinion pieces in Times of India. The man knows he is not qualified but he doesn’t care. The introspective conscience in his brain has gone on a long holiday.

But I am also unable to align myself to your cause fully, Anvita. Because your story was deemed fit to be lifted by this same guy. This guy who would now be taught in DU syllabus. If anything, he is the case study of what not to write. You say that your book has more feminism. But you do say he lifted your lines, your characters, your settings and descriptions.

Let me break this to you very simply, no part of the book was good. No part. Make it the most feminist book of the century, change the ending and it would still remain mediocre at best. Fight your fight. Get the C-Bag to confess if he has wronged you. But please, write a book that he cannot steal.

Also, if you are an IT employee from IIT/ IIM, you don’t HAVE to write books. There is no pressure. You know that, right?

To the readers who think I am being unduly mean to the wronged “writer”, I will repeat again – “Chetan Bhagat found her story suitable for plagiarizing.”



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