Poem – Let’s Not Talk About It

A poem about the awkwardness after something breaks. Read it out loud like a rap song.

Alright so, let’s

lay down the rules,

Because without ’em

we’d all be fools.


What happened

two years ago.

It’s time to let it rest,

let it all go.


So, I won’t talk about

that thing that you did.

And then that other

thing I did, like a kid.


We’ll talk about

happier times.

Times that make

rhythm and rhymes.


We’ll talk about

the good times, y’know.

There is just this

one thing though.


We keep going back to,

the shameful event.

I am sorry about,

how awry it all went.


There hasn’t been,

enough time to mourn.

I still remember,

My side, your thorn.


‘Let’s not talk then,’

I see you say.

Because we will never

be merry and gay.


Well, that’s not clearly,

in our hands.

Wherever you look,

that memory stands.


I think it’s hard

now to be clever.

We’re destined,

to dance forever.

Let’s get over

each other never.


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