Book Review – The Return of Damayanti – Nisha Singh

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This is a self published novel of the detective/ thriller variety from author Nisha Singh. Review:


The sepia light springing forth from a conifer forest is a perfect image to depict mystery and intrigue. The title itself is very eye-catching and the palm leaves have a symbolic importance within the book aside from their esthetic appeal. For a self-published book, the quality of design is top notch and kudos to the Partidge India team for that.

Layout and Editing

The fonts are nice and large. The paper quality is again a big plus. There are no typesetting and spelling errors and that is where the praise ends.

Content and Writing

The style of writing leaves much to desire. It is a shame because if in hands of a polished pen, the story actually had a chance of being something momentous. It instead looks like an unedited manuscript, a first draft that ought to be sent back to the drawing board. There is a lot of telling and very little showing. The dialogues are very annoying because they are forced. From the get go, the author begins trying too hard and ends up with something that cannot be called a novel. The flow of writing is abysmal and there are characters laughing, grinning, guffawing at totally artificial situations.

It is difficult to read the book because it doesn’t tell a story. It rather tells you straight up who the characters and what they are thinking and how you are supposed to feel about it all. An actual writer who reads literature or studies it can easily point out those flaws. I wish I had something positive to say about the plot but at this point, the stylistic horrors have clouded my senses.

I hope the writer moves over this calamity and goes on to improve drastically because the scope is unlimited especially with a genre like this. Something original instead of rehashing the Sherlock and Watson-esque characters would have helped too.

The blame isn’t entirely on the writer. This is the risk we take with self-publishing. And this is something writers should understand. Without proper editing, the work is too raw to be sent for public viewing.

Note: Due to the constant reminders from the Blogadda team, this review was a bit rushed. I think the book reviews should be given at least 10 days to complete. The team has been really pushy. Their language too conveyed a sense of hurry. 

“We’re closing entries by 12 pm.”

“Hope to see your review by EOD”

“You must have read the book by now.”

I think I would keep my hands off the Book Reviews sponsored by Blogadda for a while now since the hanging sword interferes with my approach toward writing reviews.