Extreme Outrage Over Silly Things : Coat Versus Sweater

How often do you hear someone say that they are cold and they could really use a coat. A coat is the universal symbol of warmth and immunity from winter. But is it though? Is it what you really need when you are shivering from that extreme December cold? When your chest feels like it has been stabbed with an icicle? Do you really want to take a warm piece of clothing and wear it to cover your shoulders and elbows? Or do you want a sweater? 

A coat leaves your chest exposed and tell me where are your lungs? A coat has buttons and sometimes when you need to sit, you need to unbutton it. So, what is the point of having a heavy piece of clothing drape around your shoulders when the actual area of focus is left uncovered?

Meanwhile, sweaters which have been given a reputation for being ugly, are the actual real deals. First of all, no one’s mother knits a blazer. It is always a sweater. Nostalgia value – Check!

Secondly, how dare you call sweaters ugly. Most of them, even the turtlenecks, have intricate patterns crafted by hand. You can have your plain ass coats with stupid lapels that expose the chest. I will have a woolen sweater of goodness that smells like motherhood and nostalgia, thank you.

I mean sure, the coats are cool. Men in Black wear suits and not Christmas sweaters because the bad guys are not afraid of Men in Sweaters. But then, do you want to be the guy that scares away aliens or do you want to remain asthma free for life? Choose wisely.


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  1. Rekha says:

    Reblogged this on rekhaahitaan and commented:
    I guess Sweaters are the best to wear in Winters which will give coziness and also show the love of our mother.


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