Stranger Things and the joy of comic books

Netflix’s Stranger Things is a series par excellence. The best thing that the Duffer Brothers did while creating this magical piece of work is that they created the bygone era with such finesse. The series is set in the simpler times of cassette tapes and cable television. The nostalgia bit is so well done.

The myth slash fiction in the series is derivative. And the smart protagonists even point to the original fiction out of which the Demogorgons and parallel dark universe ideas are based. In a way, the series writers are self aware and hence are purged of any sins connected to plagiarism.

The bunch of kids who cycle their way in and out of life threatening situations are a charm. The police chief fits into the character of a badass saviour like Bagheera from The Jungle Book. And then we have the gifted child with telekinetic abilities and her clan. She is definitely the star of the show.

The series brings back the joy of turning pages of a Stephen King novel or an amazing comic book. There is abundant reference to both in the series. Again, very self aware on part of the writers.

So, yes. Check it out.


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