Book Review – The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins

I picked this one up after some skepticism. I am not usually attracted to thrillers esp popular ones simply because they don’t age well. I am happy to be proven wrong by the author of this one. This book was written with a lot of effort which is perhaps the reason why it is such a smooth ride. The book has a mystery that is hard to solve. It is confounded by an unreliable narrator/ witness.

Rachel is living a hard life. She is an alcoholic and much to the dismay of her ex-husband Tom and her roommate Cathy, she is a total mess. Tom is now married with a kid to Anna.

Rachel has a voyeuristic eye. She watches a couple Scott and Megan from her train during her commute. She has named them Jess and Jason and has imagined a perfect life, a life that she could not have for herself, for them. One day, Megan goes missing and things start going sour from there. Things in the novel till now were sad, now they take an even more depressing turn.

The plot moves at a swift pace. It is a well written piece of work. The language is easy and lucid. The dialogue is realistic and the characters are believable. One issue with the characters might be that we have no heroes and heroines here. Life makes perfect villains out of everyone. To me, that was a plus point because it made the story much more realistic.

4 stars out of 5


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